RTL Alliance representative office in Uzbekistan: a year of successful work!

RTL Alliance representative office in Uzbekistan: a year of successful work!

The representative office of RTL Alliance in Uzbekistan celebrates the first year of successful work in the logistics market of the region. During this time, the company became a member of the Logistics Association of Uzbekistan, expanded its client base and offered new logistics solutions for the delivery of goods from China, India and Southeast Asia.

“We are proud that during the year of work in Uzbekistan we were able to establish ourselves as a reliable and professional partner in the field of logistics. We strive to be closer to our customers, understand their needs and offer them the best delivery options. Our goal is to make logistics simple, fast and affordable,” said Nikita Shrubok, regional director of RTL Alliance.

Over the year, the number of employees of the representative office has grown significantly, and this trend continues. Employees are citizens of Uzbekistan, so they are well aware of the language, cultural code and specifics of work in the region.

This is one of the advantages of the regional representation of RTL Alliance, along with the use of alternative routes for the delivery of goods from China and the Southeast, which can reduce transportation time and cost.

RTL Alliance

RTL Alliance is an international logistics company that is one of the market leaders in the field of multimodal and rail logistics. This confirms the status of the Best Multimodal Freight Forwarder of the Year according to the BAIF Association.

RTL Alliance is also a member of the FIATA International Federation of Forwarding Associations and the Logistics Association of Uzbekistan.

RTL Alliance is the only logistics company to receive an AA reputation rating and a BBB credit rating from BIK Ratings, as well as launching its own token.

The office of RTL Alliance in Uzbekistan is located in the city center to the address:
Tashkent, st. Afrosiab, 8A (DMAAR business center), office 613
Phone: +998935554114 +998712058189
site: rtlalliance.uz